Alloy Tungsten Carbide Roll Ring for steel mill

Tungsten carbide steel ball with 5mm 10mm YG6 grade finished

Tungsten Carbide Tooth For Drill Mine Field

Tungsten Carbide Mould Drawing Dies With High Quality

Non-standard Tungsten Steel Cold Punch Mold

tungsten carbide round stock

YG6 tungsten carbide sheet for with different size

High Wear Resisting Tungsten Carbide Plate

Alloy solid tungsten carbide rod with central coolant duct

Carbide Bars for Special Cutting Tools

Carbide molded Grinded Rods

Cemented Carbide Rod Ground with Chamfer on One End

Cemented Carbide Rods with One Parallel Coolant Ducts

Cemented customized hard alloy rod in China

Chamfered one end Carbide Round Bars

Grinded Carbide Rods


Cemented Carbide Cut Grooving Inserts

Cemented Carbide Cut Grooving Inserts

Cemented Carbide Turning Tool /CNC Turning Tool /Carbide Inserts

CNC carbide tungsten turning inserts

CNC Indexable Carbide Grooving Cutting Carbide Insert

CNC Indexable Carbide Grooving Cutting Carbide Insert

CNC Indexable Carbide Grooving Cutting Carbide Insert

Carbide Blade Tungsten Special Tool Parts

carbide product Non-standard carbide tungsten carbide mold

Cemented Carbide Non-standard Product

Cemented Carbide Non-standard Product tools

Cemented Carbide Special Tool Parts

Customized High Precisioned Nonstandard Tool Parts Carbide

Cutting Tools Non-standard Products Carbide Insert

Hard Aolly Non-standard Tool Parts

Cemented Carbide Coal Drill Factory Direct

Geology Drill Bit /Tungsten Carbide Pipe Bit /Bit For Rock&Coal Drilling

Hard Alloy Coal Drilling Bit /Carbide Mining Tools

Hard Alloy Drilling Tools Coal Drill

K034 Tungsten Carbide Coal Drill Bit

Supply Dia 43mm Coal Drill Bits With Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Coal Drill Bit With Various Type

Tungsten Carbide Coal Drill Bits

Cemented Carbide Tire Studs Nails Manufacturer

GJBJX 9.0-13-2 Tungsten Carbide Ice Racing Tire Studs

GJBJX9.0-18-2 Carbide Antislip Car Tire Studs

GJBJX9.0-20-2 Specail Tungsten Carbide Tire Studs

GJBJX9.0-23-2 Carbide Special Tire Studs

Grinding Tungsten Carbide Pins for Car Anti Skid Tyre Studs Manufacturer

Ice Gripping Tire Studs

Ice racing screw carbide tire studs for Motorcycle and ATV
















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What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide roller
Tungsten carbide roll rings, also known as tungsten carbide has very good thermal conductivity. Under the condition of high temperature,compared to other materials, the hardness keeps stable and it provides much better heat resistance, wear resistance and strength.
Tungsten carbide roll cooling
Tungsten carbide roll cooling is to reduce the thermal stress fatigue impact of the high temperature on the surface of the rolling groove during rolling, thereby reducing the occur
Jinxin tungsten carbide rolls new achievement
There are tungsten carbide roll(TC Rings) manufacturing in Jinxin, new material, best quality with performance was found.

Technical service

Tungsten carbide button
Physical properties of tungsten carbide
Cutting tools for machining
Bit face designs and carbide button shape selection
cutting tools for machining (WC applications)

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