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What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide roller


What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide roller

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                      What are the characteristics of tungsten carbide roller

      Tungsten carbide roll rings, also known as tungsten carbide has very good thermal conductivity. Under the condition of high temperature,compared to other materials, the hardness keeps stable and it provides much  better heat resistance, wear resistance and strength.

Tungsten carbide roller now widely applied in the production of high speed wire, bar and thread rod steel. Its hardness and wear resistance comefrom tungsten carbide (Wc) while the toughness and strength depend on thebinding agent (Co-Ni-Cr).Its durability is ten times that of ordinary rollers.Last,we supply Tungsten carbide roller  according to the customer’s drawing.Your inquiry will always be taken seriously. We are actively in involved in to solving every unique need of customer.


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