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High-quality carbide roll ring old customers introduce successful cases


High-quality carbide roll ring old customers introduce successful cases

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                                             High-quality carbide roll ring old customers introduce successful cases


    A steel company has multiple high-speed bar production lines, and carbide roller rings have become a necessity for the company. As the production line becomes more and more backward as time goes by, in order to develop the company and improve its efficiency, an advanced high-speed bar production line is specially introduced. , Using innovative technology, it has the characteristics of low temperature, low loss and high efficiency, and then it also spends a lot of money to import matching carbide roller rings, but the actual use effect is not good, and it cannot adapt to this working condition.



    A lot of money has been invested in this production line, but a suitable tungsten carbide roller ring cannot be found, and the profit growth is not good. Therefore, the leader of the enterprise is very anxious, and seeks help on the Internet. A friend of ours is an old customer of Zhuzhou Jinxin's cemented carbide roller ring, so the old customer recommended our Zhuzhou Jinxin to the leader of the enterprise. After a short communication on the Internet, we are going to visit the site to learn about cemented carbide Roller ring specific requirements.


    After finalizing the time, our company organized R&D technicians to go to the site to learn about the wire binding process, technology, equipment, construction period, etc. with the staff of the iron and steel enterprise. After the collection of information on the cemented carbide roll ring, our company's professional technical team discussed and made suggestions for the special cemented carbide roll ring for the company's high-speed bar production line. The company's leaders are very interested and will come immediately the next day. Our company visited, through the understanding of our company's history, brand, research and development capabilities, production capacity, successful cases, etc., and the trust in Zhuzhou Jinxin products, the contract was signed on the same day.


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