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What are the performance advantages of cemented carbide molds?


What are the performance advantages of cemented carbide molds?

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                                                   What are the performance advantages of cemented carbide molds?


    Molds are used very frequently in industrial production. Through a press, metal or non-metallic materials are made into tools with specific shapes and sizes under the action of external forces. Such tools are called molds. The use of cemented carbide materials is called cemented carbide molds.

     Carbide dies are often: cold heading dies, cold punching dies, wire drawing dies, hexagonal dies, spiral dies, etc. The cemented carbide itself has high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so the cemented carbide mold has a series of excellent properties, with the following characteristics:


1. High wear resistance. Carbide die material has high wear resistance, which can ensure that the drawing die can work for a long time under any degree of deformation, and ensure that the size of the standard part remains unchanged.


2. Excellent polishability. Carbide has good polishing properties, and can be processed into mirror-like die holes to ensure the high quality of standard parts.


3. Low adhesion to metal. In the cold heading process, the ferrous metal material has little adhesion to the cemented carbide mold material, which ensures that the cemented carbide cold heading mold has a long life.


4. Small friction coefficient and low energy consumption.


5. High thermal conductivity. Due to the high thermal conductivity of the cemented carbide mold, the heat generated in the cold heading process can be quickly conducted out, which improves the durability of the mold.


6. Good corrosion resistance.


     Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of industry experience in the production, manufacture and processing of cemented carbide molds. The mold category is complete, and non-standard special shapes can be customized. The company has strong strength, advanced technology and equipment, and perfect testing, which is at the advanced level of domestic counterparts. It is the best choice for your cemented carbide mold cooperative enterprise.


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