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About us

About us
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Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd

Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Group Co., Ltd was established in 2009, with more than 10 years experience in cemented carbide field. And with first class of engineer team and management staff and more than 36 sets specialized cemented carbide equipment, from production of cemented carbide blank and precision machining, to marketing domestic and overseas, the company produce and machining various non-standard or shaped cemented carbide product, to meet the market demand with superior quality.

Jinxin company pressing workshop, TPA automatic press, 1000 ton hydraulic press, 500 ton isostatic press, extrusion molding machine and other advanced production and molding equipment, with high degree of automation and good precision, ensure the product size meet different customer requirements.


Our Main Products

Tungsten carbide rolls, Tungsten carbide rods, Tungsten carbide plate & strip, Tungsten carbide dies &mould, Tungsten carbide cutting tools, Tungsten carbide button bits and various non-standard products based on customer’s Individual requirements.

Through years of operation, Zhuzhou Jinxin has had proprietary import and export rights, and sold its products to 36 countries in the world, with the product quality receiving good praises from customers and wining good reputations from customers all over the world; meanwhile, it has also had modeled a honest and dedicated marketing and service team with profound professionalism.
Zhuzhou Jinxin has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, had proprietary import and export rights, and obtained many Chinese patents.
Welcome to send inquiry, we are accept customized and OEM.
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