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Zhuzhou Jinxin Wishes All Female Compatriots Happy Holidays


Zhuzhou Jinxin Wishes All Female Compatriots Happy Holidays

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                                                                Zhuzhou Jinxin Wishes All Female Compatriots Happy Holidays


   March 8th is a day when girls deserve to be well pampered. On the occasion of Queen's Day, Zhuzhou Jinxin specially launched a heart-warming "Healthy Women Z Happy" activity to express her love for female compatriots and her best wishes for the festival.

   Exclusive romantic pink flowers are given to the family of Zhuzhou Jinxin. I hope that in the days to come, you will love life, love your work, and have new living habits and attitudes. I wish you can transform into a better appearance in Jinxin and continue to bloom.In addition to flowers, of course, holiday gifts are indispensable. This is an important part of our company's humanistic care. The exciting blind box is online again. The goddesses do not know what is in the gift box, so they randomly choose their favorite box. The gifts are heavy, caring and warm, bringing surprises, happiness, and a sense of belonging to everyone, inspiring everyone to create new achievements with more enthusiasm and the best working state.


  "Gold" blooms and blooms in a new era. In the past year, under the correct leadership of Zhuzhou Jinxin's leadership and the joint efforts of all colleagues, we have overcome difficulties one by one and achieved excellent results one by one. These hard-won achievements condensed the wisdom and sweat of the goddesses, and engraved the struggle and dedication of the goddesses. You have worked silently and selflessly on the land of Jinxin, and jointly wrote the company's bright future.


    A new year, a new task and a new starting point have also set up a new stage for the goddesses of Zhuzhou Jinxin. All the goddesses of the company, let us strengthen our confidence and work hard to do our job well with our tenacious will and indomitable spirit. Join hands, continue to carry forward the spirit of struggle, our future we call the shots! Because we are the "gold" goddess.


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