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How to produce cemented carbide bars in a short time?


How to produce cemented carbide bars in a short time?

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                                                             How to produce cemented carbide bars in a short time?


  There are many ways to produce cemented carbide bars. In addition to extrusion molding, it can also be molded by molding, which is the best way to produce short bars. This method can quickly produce tungsten carbide rods, let's learn about this method and see what advantages and disadvantages it has.

  It is the mold that presses the cemented carbide powder. The advantage of this cemented carbide bar forming method: it can be formed at one time, reducing waste. Simplify the wire cutting process and save the drying cycle of the extrusion method. High production efficiency, able to achieve specialized and automated production.


  Time is saved, but the disadvantages of this method are also exposed, unsuitable and complex articles. At the same time, the production of molds is complicated and the investment is large. In addition, due to the limitation of the press, it can only accept the mass production of small cemented carbide round.


  There are advantages and disadvantages, mainly depends on how customers choose, Zhuzhou Jinxin can produce according to customers' ideas and needs. Because Zhuzhou Jinxin has advanced equipment, modern factories, complete assembly lines, and insists on specialized production.


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