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What are the advantages of wear-resistant cemented carbide bushings?


What are the advantages of wear-resistant cemented carbide bushings?

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                                       What are the advantages of wear-resistant cemented carbide bushings?

    Cemented carbide bushings is one of the main products of Zhuzhou Jinxin. It is the product most repurchased by regular customers. Why is Zhuzhou Jinxin's Cemented Carbide shaft sleeve more popular than others? What advantages does it have that make it popular.

1. The strength and hardness are higher than those of other materials, which can meet the requirements of service conditions of independent antifriction and wear-resistant parts such as bearing shells.

2. Cemented carbide shaft sleeve has good affinity for lubricating oil, good self-lubricating property and more prominent antifriction and wear resistance.

3. The friction coefficient is low and the wear is small, so the service life is longer. Under the same use conditions, the replacement frequency becomes less, which reduces the purchase cost of accessories.

4. High thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, slow and low temperature rise of grinding surface, which has a better protective effect on paired friction.

5. High damping characteristics, vibration and noise reduction.

6. High bearing capacity, high density and corrosion resistance.


   Cemented carbide shaft sleeve is mainly used for the support of rotating shaft, all kinds of pump bearing sleeve, motor shaft sleeve and sealing shaft sleeve. Zhuzhou Jinxin can also produce and process cemented carbide shaft sleeves into various sizes and specifications according to customers' drawings or requirements, and adapt the machine to meet the use needs.


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