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Tungsten carbide roll cooling


Tungsten carbide roll cooling

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Tungsten carbide roll cooling is to reduce the thermal stress fatigue impact of the high temperature on the surface of the rolling groove during rolling, thereby reducing the occurrence of thermal cracks, delaying the propagation of thermal cracks, and reducing the promotion effect of temperature on corrosion. In this way, the degree of cracking can be reduced, the service life of the roll ring can be improved, and the occurrence of vicious broken rolls caused by the rapid expansion of thermal cracks can be prevented. The cooling water pressure is too low and the amount of water is insufficient, which will cause the roll ring temperature to be too high and subject to large thermal stress, which will cause the roll ring to expand and crack. Low water pressure and water volume will cause the hot groove cracking and hot corrosion to be intensified, which will reduce the rolling groove rolling volume, and even the rapid expansion of hot cracks will cause the roll ring to rupture. If the water pressure is too large, the cooling water will easily rebound and the cooling effect will not be achieved.  

Cooling water pressure  Requirement to be guaranteed at 0.4 0.6MPa;

The amount of cooling water  Should be controlled at 250 to 300 liters / minute

Cooling water spray direction  In the radial direction, it is at an angle of 15 to 30o to the rotation direction of the roll ring. Water cannot be scattered or fogged, and it should be sprayed directly into the rolling groove.

Temperature of cooling water  Should be controlled below 35 ° C. 

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