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Advantages of tungsten fisher sinker


Advantages of tungsten fisher sinker

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    Tungsten fish weights has many advantages. Compared with lead fishing sinker, its great advantage is environmental protection. In recent years, marine pollution has become a serious problem, and lead pollution in the ocean has become an important pollution among marine heavy metal pollution. Compared with other metals, lead is more likely to be accumulated by certain marine organisms, and can cause varying degrees of harm to organisms, thus becoming an important factor threatening the safety of marine food.



      The material of tungsten fisher sinker often contains lead, but the harm of lead to the human body is mainly manifested in the lifelong damage to the nervous system, blood system, cardiovascular system, skeletal system, etc. Lead affects specific nerve structures in multiple central and peripheral nervous systems Has a direct toxic effect. The tungsten fishing sinker made by Zhuzhou Jinxin uses high-quality tungsten to ensure that the product is harmless.


     Use tungsten alloy fishing sinkers, or other environmentally friendly fishing sinkers, to prevent water pollution caused by fishing sinkers during fishing, which is to reduce the lead pollution caused by fishing from the root. Excessive heavy metals in the water will endanger ourselves as human beings. Zhuzhou Jinxin is a cemented carbide enterprise with scale, technology, strength, feelings, responsibility and responsibility. The product quality is guaranteed. Zhuzhou Jinxin tungsten alloy fishing sinkers are selected to reduce lead pollution in fishing. Do your part to improve the environment.


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