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About tungsten fish weights


About tungsten fish weights

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                       About tungsten fish weights

Tungsten fishing sinkers have these advantages:

1.The original Bullet Weight is now available in Tungsten 

2.Approximately fifty percent smaller than lead weights

3.Great for fishing heavy cover since your sinker is less likely to get hung up

4.Popular among avid and professional anglers because of its smaller size

    Fisher people have been using lead weights for fishing since the level wind reel was invented. But those lead weights get stuck in the rocks or sticks, or end up at the bottom of the lake after a monster breaks the line (usually right at the boat). This has and is having a bad affect on our waters as lead is one of the worst pollutants to get into our water supply. So although the tungsten fish weights are much more expensive, if you using them, it will be help more and more of fishing community with "bite the bullet" for the good of our environment and switch to tungsten weights. They're great, are super hard. They transmit feeling better IMO as the bait bumps the bottom and the tungsten fish sinker can avoid getting stuck in the rocky bottom of the reservoir by bouncing the weight high off the bottom.


     These are pretty nice tungsten bullet weights. You can use these for Texas rigs to bottom fish or light pitching with a heavy plastic bait such as a stick-baits or craw. You get three nice tungsten weights that come in a package you can easily use for storage.



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