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Do you know what types of tungsten fisher sinker are available


Do you know what types of tungsten fisher sinker are available

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    There are many types of tungsten fisher sinker. It is to maintain the balance between the fishing group and the float. It is an indispensable part of fishing. It uses the angler's throwing power to bring the bait to a long distance and fix it in a certain depth of the water.

One: Sea pole sinker

Tungsten alloy sea pole fishing sinkers are divided into live sinkers and dead sinkers. The central part of the former is hollow and can be slid freely after the thread is tied. Most of them are used in combination with various types of hooks on the front and falling on the back. There is no hollow in the dead drop, and there is a metal loop at the tail that is easy to tie the wire, which falls in the front and hooks in the back. Many fish lures nowadays are mostly dead sinkers.


Two: Hand pole drop

Tungsten alloy hand pole pendants are all dead pendants, and the tungsten fish weights based on the buoyancy force is mostly 0.5-2 grams. Some special fishing methods, such as poke holes, arch fishing, and inshore catfish fishing, do not use fish sinkers. Most fishing methods use a lead sinker with large mung bean powder, which is clamped 5-7 cm above the hook. It can be single-hooked or double-hooked.


Three: Throwing the mound method to fall again

It is similar to the sea pole drop, except that the weight is increased so that a greater centrifugal force and inertial force can be formed when the mound is thrown. Therefore, the weight of 80-120 grams is mostly used.


      The above are three common classifications of tungsten fisher sinker, which are mainly divided into three types: sea pole sinker, hand pole sinker, and heavy weight throwing method. Have you got the introductory knowledge of fishing? Buy a fishing sinker quickly, take action, let's go fishing together! Choose Zhuzhou Jinxin for the purchase of tungsten fishing sinkers, located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, the global cemented carbide production base. It is a company with a good reputation in the industry. Customized production and processing of quality alloy products.



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