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Effect of abrasive particle size on material removal rate and surface roughness


Effect of abrasive particle size on material removal rate and surface roughness

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Using a stainless steel weight block and a constant grinding wheel speed of 30 r / min, select abrasives with abrasive grain sizes of W0.5, W2, and W5 for grinding experiments. The grinding time is 1 hour. After grinding, the processing results As shown in the table, it can be seen that with the increase of the abrasive particle size, the material removal rate increases monotonically in a linear relationship, and the surface roughness of the workpiece after processing decreases monotonically in a linear relationship. When the quality of the abrasive is equal, the larger the particle size of the abrasive, the smaller the number of abrasive particles contained in the unit mass of grinding liquid, and a certain normal pressure is loaded during the grinding process. The action is strong, so the embedded grinding disc is deeper, the grinding disc has a larger grip on the abrasive particles, a larger scraping effect on the workpiece, and a larger cutting force. At the same time, a single large-grain abrasive has a longer contact arc with the workpiece and a strong cutting ability; At the same time, with the increase of the abrasive grain size, the amount of plastic removal of the surface material of the workpiece decreases, the amount of brittleness removal increases, the surface quality after processing is poor, and the roughness increases. Loading normal pressure of the same size, small abrasive grain size, large number of abrasive particles per unit mass of grinding fluid, large number of effective particles actually participating in the grinding process, large average contact area on the workpiece surface, uniform cutting effect, and Low surface roughness and good surface quality.

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