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Principle of pre-deformed surface grinding


Principle of pre-deformed surface grinding

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The accuracy requirements of the seal ring end face profile are very important, generally within 1 ~ 2 helium bands. Pre-deformed surface grinding method processing fluid
Static pressure sealing ring, the final surface accuracy of the sealing ring depends on two aspects: one is the pre-deformation after loading; the other is the material removal during the plane grinding process.
A certain number of loading points are equidistantly distributed in the circumferential direction of the seal ring. Through the simulation calculation of the position of the force point and the magnitude of the force, the deformation can be guaranteed.
Range of cone angle. In the plane grinding process, it is necessary to determine the optimal process parameters through experiments to strictly control the removal of materials. In addition,
If the abrasive surface is inclined, the uniformity of material removal cannot be guaranteed. This paper designs an eccentricity adjustment fixture to analyze the amount of eccentricity and
The relationship between the removal rates can be adjusted by the eccentric position to achieve the consistency of the circumferential material removal rate when the seal ring is ground.
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