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Principle of pre-deformed surface grinding seal ring


Principle of pre-deformed surface grinding seal ring

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The structure of the hydrostatic seal ring is shown in the figure. It is a ring with a rectangular cross section in the macro. Its end face can be divided into the inner diameter on the micro.
Flat sealing dam face area and taper area near outer diameter. The radial taper mainly provides the static pressure effect, and the dam face area improves the leakage resistance. The basic principle and deformation process of the hydrostatic seal ring pre-deformation surface grinding process technology are shown in the figure. Sealing ring
In the initial state of the surface and the pre-deformed fixture, a rectangular coordinate system is established at the outer diameter of the seal ring dam surface area, and the seal ring is produced by the pre-tightening force of the fixture.
Rotational deformation around the center of the section results in an included angle α between the upper end surface of the deformed seal ring and the x-axis. Then change
The end face of the seal ring is ground polished until the taper area is flattened, the pre-tightening force is released, and the seal ring elastically deforms and recovers.
In addition, the polished area forms a cone angle β which is antisymmetric with the deformed state shown, and the unpolished area forms the dam area.
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