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Development of tungsten carbide button


Development of tungsten carbide button

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Development of tungsten carbide button
The development of tungsten carbide button mainly focuses on the ultrafine grain and nanocrystallization of alloy materials, gradient structure optimization, trace element addition, improvement of preparation process and optimization of tooth profile. In the future development of cemented tungsten carbide button, the following points should be considered:
(1) Considering the excellent characteristics of nanotechnology applied in cemented carbide, researchers need to speed up the research and development process to realize nanotechnology in cemented carbide ball teeth as soon as possible. The application has a qualitative improvement in its quality.
(2) Although the research on the once-hot hot-graded cemented carbide has achieved certain results, the performance of cemented carbide ball teeth has not yet reached the expected target, and the quality in production is difficult to control uniformly. Therefore, the production and application research in this aspect still needs to continue. .
(3) Due to the continuous advancement of powder metallurgy sintering technology, the sintering equipment is continuously optimized. At present, most of the manufacturers of cemented carbide ball teeth still mainly stay at the application level of low pressure hot isostatic pressing technology, so it is necessary to consider introducing new sintering. techniques, such as microwave sintering, laser sintering method.
tungsten carbide button


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