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Tungsten carbide ring Installation


Tungsten carbide ring Installation

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When the tungsten carbide ring is installed, the cone sleeve and the inner hole of the roll ring must be properly matched, and cannot be too tight or loose. When the temperature increases during rolling, the thermal expansion coefficient of the tungsten carbide ring is extremely small, while the thermal expansion coefficient of the steel tapered sleeve is larger, and the thermal expansion coefficient of the steel body is about twice that of the hard alloy. The tension effect caused by the thermal expansion of the sleeve, therefore, the assembly between the two requires a strict and appropriate amount of fit. In high-speed wire rolling production, experience has shown that the better fit of the roll ring and the cone sleeve is 0.01 to 0.03 mm. If the assembly is too tight, this tensile stress may cause radial cracks in the roll ring. Because cemented carbides have a lower tensile strength than steel bodies, their compressive strength is extremely high. If the assembly is too loose, the tapered sleeve and the roll ring may slip during rolling, which may cause contact surface wear or scratches, and severely damage the roll ring due to local stress concentration. When the roller ring is installed, the inner hole of the roller ring and the outer ring of the tapered sleeve should be wiped with anhydrous alcohol or acetone to prevent hard particles from scratching the joint surface and forming a stress concentration source. Cemented carbide is a hard and brittle material. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to hit the roller ring with a hammer or heavy device when installing the roller ring.  

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