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Tungsten carbide button tooth shape optimization


Tungsten carbide button tooth shape optimization

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Tungsten carbide button tooth shape optimization
With the popularity of deep hole rock drilling, the requirements of related equipment on the performance of cemented carbide ball teeth are getting higher and higher. The tooth shape of the cemented carbide ball is mostly round-head shape and warhead shape. During the application process, it is found that the conventional round-headed carbide tooth is prone to passivation, while the bullet-shaped carbide tooth has a thin tip and The radius of the crown ball is small, so under the condition of large impact work or hard rock, it is easy to break due to insufficient strength of the base. Therefore, the spherical tooth structure has a great influence on its performance, and improving the spherical tooth shape has become one of the research directions in this field. Many scientific research workers at home and abroad have done a lot of work in this area and have achieved certain results.
Tungsten carbide button
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