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What is tungsten cobalt alloy?


What is tungsten cobalt alloy?

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                                                                                     What is tungsten cobalt alloy?

    Tungsten cobalt cemented carbide (YG cemented carbide) is an alloy composed of tungsten carbide as hard phase and metal cobalt as bonding phase. There are many brands of this kind on the market. We often see that XX products are YG6, YG8, YG20 and other models. Where y is the first letter of hard Pinyin and G is the first letter of cobalt Pinyin, so tungsten alloy is abbreviated as YG, and the following numbers represent the percentage of average cobalt content, which is mainly selected according to your use. What's the difference between them?

    In terms of performance, YG cemented carbide combines the advantages of tungsten carbide and cobalt, mainly reflected in high hardness, good thermal conductivity, good impact toughness, high bending strength and excellent cutting resistance. The physical indexes of YG cemented carbide of different grades are different. For example, the density of YG6 is 14.6 ~ 15.0g/cm3, the hardness is 89.5hra, the bending strength is 1400MPa, the impact toughness is 2.6j/cm2, the coercivity is 9.6 ~ 12.8ka/m, and the compressive strength is 4600mpa; The density of YG8 is 14.5 ~ 14.9g/cm3, the hardness is 89hra, the bending strength is 1500MPa, the impact toughness is 2.5j/cm2, the coercivity is 11.2 ~ 12.8ka/m, and the compressive strength is 4600mpa. In general, under certain conditions, with the increase of cobalt content, the bending strength, compressive strength and toughness of the alloy are better, while the density and hardness are lower. Therefore, YG8 and YG20 will have better flexural strength, compressive strength and impact toughness than YG6.


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