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What kind of CNC machine tools are ceramic tools suitable for?


What kind of CNC machine tools are ceramic tools suitable for?

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                                                         What kind of CNC machine tools are ceramic tools suitable for?

      Although ceramic tools are durable, high hardness and toughness, and are suitable for a wide range of fields, they also have certain requirements for their equipment. For example, when used in CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools are required to have high rigidity, high speed, and large functions. Why?

1. The rigidity of the CNC machine tool has a great influence on the life of the ceramic tool. The worse the rigidity of the machine tool, the greater the vibration and the shorter the tool life. Because the vibration during processing often causes chipping and damage of ceramic tools. In addition to the rigidity of CNC machine tools, the rigidity of the machine tool, workpiece and tool process system must also be considered, that is, the rigidity of the workpiece, the rigidity of the fixture, the rigidity of the top and the rigidity of the tool. Insufficient rigidity in any link will greatly reduce the cutting performance and efficiency of ceramic tools.


2. Ceramic tools are suitable for high-speed cutting. Therefore, the machine tool should have a high enough speed. Generally, the machine tool requires a high cutting speed.


3. The machine tool must also have enough power. If the power is not enough, it is easy to "stuff the car" and cause damage to the ceramic tool.


     High speed, high power, and good rigidity and stability of CNC machine tools can give full play to the superior performance of ceramic tools and bring efficiency benefits to the enterprise. Of course, in addition to the above requirements, high precision machine tools, reliable clamping devices, and avoiding vibrations are required. Broken ceramic knives.



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