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Behind the price difference of cemented carbide sheet


Behind the price difference of cemented carbide sheet

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                                                                Behind the price difference of cemented carbide sheet

    Cemented carbide plate are widely used, such as: molds, tools, high temperature and corrosion resistant parts, radiation protection equipment, etc., but the prices of cemented carbide sheets on the market are different, what is the reason for this difference?

     No matter what the price of the cemented carbide sheet is, it is sure to make money, so if you want to make a profit in selling cheap sheets, you must use relatively cheap raw materials. For those who pursue quality and require high performance, they still need to choose high-quality raw materials.


     Thinking from another perspective, if we are a sheet metal manufacturer, the marketing plan is aimed at small profits but quick turnover, and the sales are aimed at low-end customers. In order to earn meager profits, we will try more methods to control costs, in addition to choosing inferior materials or recycled materials, etc., In terms of technology, we will not be so refined, and the manufacturers of high-end tungsten carbide sheets will introduce foreign equipment and optimize products through talent development to meet the needs of high-end customers.


    There is also a perfect after-sales service that requires brand and value support. Cheap merchants have no time and no cost to help you after-sale. Even if you protect your rights, the cost of buying hard alloy plates is not as high as the cost of rights protection. After Z, you can only admit that you are unlucky, but the brand of high-end hard alloy plates , in addition to selling products, it pays more attention to brand promotion, and pays special attention to consumers' word-of-mouth, so once there is a problem with the product you purchased, the company's after-sales team will actively help you deal with it.


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