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Basic knowledge about cemented carbide drawing dies


Basic knowledge about cemented carbide drawing dies

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                                                                     Basic knowledge about cemented carbide drawing dies

     How much do you know about cemented carbide drawing dies? What is a drawing die? How does it work? Let us demystify the tungsten carbide drawing die and understand its essence.

     First of all, we need to understand what a drawing die is. The die used for drawing forming is called a drawing die. The structure of the drawing die is generally relatively simple. Compared with the punching die, the working parts of the punch and the die have large rounded corners, and the surface quality is required to be high. The gap between the punch and the die is generally slightly larger than the thickness of the blank.


     The cemented carbide drawing die refers to the drawing die made of cemented carbide material. There are also various grades of cemented carbide drawing die. When the strength and large working stress are required, the cobalt content is selected. Higher tungsten-cobalt alloys.


     Stretching (also known as drawing) is a processing method that uses a drawing die to make a flat blank or a hollow process part into a hollow part under the pressure of a press. Because it is suitable for all walks of life and has wide practicability, it is a stamping method. A relatively common process in the process.


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