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How are carbide rings polished?


How are carbide rings polished?

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                                                                                           How are carbide rings polished?


     The surface of the polished tungsten carbide ring is very smooth, how is this done? Why polish? After grinding, the cemented carbide ring needs to be polished. On the one hand, it is to achieve the specified surface roughness requirements, and on the other hand, it is also to obtain the required flatness. Therefore, polishing is the last specific light in the processing of seals. Complete processing procedure. What is the use of polishing carbide rings? What should I pay attention to? Carbide ring polishing is naturally indispensable for polishing discs and polishing agents.

  The material of the polishing disc is steel, and medium carbon steel can be selected. After quenching and tempering, it is processed into a polishing disc with a single thread on the surface. There are a variety of pitch sizes, and you can choose the size according to your own needs. When machining the end face thread, it is finished by turning from outside to inside in sequence. The rotating speed of the polishing disc is slightly higher than that of the fine grinding, but it should not be too fast, otherwise the workpiece is prone to jumping or even tipping. There are two kinds of polishing agents, one is the diamond abrasive paste processing industry glycerin formulated into polishing agent; the other is diamond abrasive paste mixed with water to prepare polishing agent. Control the polishing time, polishing disc rotation speed, polishing agent dosage and interval time.


  Zhuzhou Jinxin undertakes the production, processing and polishing of various cemented carbide rings. We have advanced equipment, special technology, and experienced technical operations to ensure the quality of the products. Let people in the industry use high-quality carbide rings.


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