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How to reasonably control the carbon content of cemented carbide balls?


How to reasonably control the carbon content of cemented carbide balls?

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                                                  How to reasonably control the carbon content of cemented carbide balls?

      Carbide balls, also known as tungsten carbide balls and alloy balls, are balls and balls made of cemented carbide. They have a wide range of applications, such as: various instruments and meters, water pumps, sealing valves, oil fields, Finishing and more. Because of the wide range of applications, people have put forward higher technical requirements for cemented carbide ball materials, and carbon content is one of the important factors affecting the performance of alloy balls. So how to reasonably control the carbon content of cemented carbide balls?

method one:

A small amount of carbon black is added to the powder during batching to achieve the purpose of carbon increase, but this is likely to cause carbon segregation during wet grinding and abnormal growth of WC grains during sintering. Control the degumming process of the sintering process to meet the carbon control requirements.


Method Two:

Tungsten powder is added during the batching to control the total carbon of the mixture. This method is simple in process, good in process stability, and has no special requirements for forming agents and sintering equipment. It is an effective method for producing high-quality cemented carbide balls with stable quality.


Method three:

Add a small amount of two-phase region broadening agent to the powder, such as TaC, TiC, NbC, Ni, etc. It can reduce the sensitivity of cemented carbide balls to carbon content, and rare earths will also affect the carbon content in cemented carbide balls, because rare earths will exist in the alloy as RE2C3, and adding rare earths will reduce the effective carbon content in the alloy.


    In order to reasonably control the carbon content in tungsten steel balls, the above methods are usually used in the powder preparation of ordinary alloy balls. Zhuzhou Jinxin is an enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of high-quality cemented carbide materials. The main customized products are: cemented carbide, tungsten-cobalt alloy, tungsten steel, tungsten carbide, non-standard customization of cemented carbide, customization of tungsten steel blade, rotary file, customization of tungsten steel mold, cemented carbide parts and other products. The company has won the favor of customers with stable product quality and rich product categories.


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