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Wear analysis of carbide wire drawing dies


Wear analysis of carbide wire drawing dies

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Wear analysis of carbide wire drawing dies


There are two types of consumption of cemented carbide wire drawing dies, namely wear and rupture. Today we focus on the wear of cemented carbide wire drawing die, the die wear is mainly divided into three forms of expression: surface roughness, oval, ring groove.


First, Surface roughness


The deformation heat generated by drawing leads to the rise of die temperature and local oxidation color, causing slight wear. Poor lubrication leads to spot welding between steel wire and die hole surface, loose tungsten carbide particles, displacement to form scratches and ripples, rough surface of working cone and sizing belt, with large wear.


Second, oval

Uneven hardness of carbide, drawing direction does not coincide with the axis of the die hole, and too much force on one side of the die hole will lead to oval.


Third, the ring groove

Is a typical fatigue wear, wire drawing process in the die hole uninterruptedly bear the impact of the wire, so that the tungsten carbide particles loose off, the formation of rough surface, rough surface and from the wire surface scraping off metal chips, so that the lubrication conditions deteriorate, wear speed up, ZUI finally in the die hole to withstand the impact of ZUI large area to form a ring groove.


Cemented carbide wire drawing die wear can also be repaired, after repair It can continue to use. Zhuzhou Jinxin is more than 20 years old enterprise, advanced equipment, strong technical strength, but also national high-tech enterprises, hardware industry well-known brand, product quality is excellent.



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