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How to incrase the carbide cutting tools' working life?


How to incrase the carbide cutting tools' working life?

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How to incrase the carbide cutting tools' working life?


Some people ask how to make the carbide tools more durable, extend its life, reduce tool failure, thereby reducing the number of purchases and business costs. Next, Zhuzhou Jinxin tell you those technicians private  trivia.


Firstly, the cutting speed of different materials is important for the tool life and the quality of material processing.


Secondly, the use of larger diameter tools, can be several feeds to complete the processing, which can improve the tool life and operation of safer, large diameter tools usually use high-quality benchtop equipment.


Thidly, maintenance! Tools must be maintained, coated with a small amount of machine oil can prevent the tool surface rust, clean up the cutting tools stains to prevent slippage in the process of use.


Fourthly, keep the cutting tools clean, after use must be cleaned with a standard industrial solvent.


Note: never resharpen the tool and change the shape of the tool without permission, it will easily cause the edge to break and produce an accident.


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