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Take you to know the high quality tungsten steel wear-resistant alloy


Take you to know the high quality tungsten steel wear-resistant alloy

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Take you to know high quality tungsten steel wear resistant alloy

Tungsten carbide wear-resistant block is a kind of cemented carbide product which is made by powder metallurgy method with tungsten carbide powder as the main component and cobalt as binder. It can be cut into polyhedron shape, mostly used as the cutting head and other aspects.

The tungsten steel alloy wear block produced by Zhuzhou Jinxin has excellent properties

1. High purity of raw materials

2. Uniform density, 300 MPa isostatic pressing mechanism

3. Stable production control and detection technology, the internal stress of special-shaped products has been controlled, which can effectively avoid the cracking phenomenon of products in online cutting, and prevent the production of defects such as pores and cracks.

4. Non destructive ultrasonic testing, no sand hole, no porosity, high material density; high strength, impact resistance, high wear resistance, long service life.

5. Strong processing ability, can customize various shapes and sizes of tungsten steel wear-resistant parts