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Non-standard cemented carbide die


Non-standard cemented carbide die

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Non-standard tungsten carbide die is a customized alloy die product according to the size or drawings required by customers. It belongs to the category of cemented carbide die products. It also has the advantages of a series of cemented carbide products, such as high hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and small expansion coefficient.


Zhuzhou Jinxin production of non-standard cemented carbide mold is widely used in various industries of stretching, plastic mold.Such as stainless steel tableware, utensils, hardware accessories, such as tensile forming, as well as magnetic industry without magnetic mold.The product has the following advantages:


A. High hardness, wear-resisting, long life, high precision

B, can be customized according to the drawing, specializing in high difficulty and high precision complex mold

C. After-sale guarantee, the defective products can be returned or replaced