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Drift Racing & Racing Slids - Perfect combination


Drift Racing & Racing Slids - Perfect combination

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Drift Racing & Racing Slids - Perfect combination

Jinxin tire stud

Drift is a driving technique, also known as "tail swing," in which the driver oversteers to make the car skid sideways. Usually as opposed to gripping (Grip: a way of cornering that maintains the Grip of the vehicle's tires, i.e., not exceeding the sideslip Angle of the rear wheels). Drift is mainly used in the performance or the road conditions change big racing activities, which due to the friction characteristics of the road surface, in the cross-country rally application frequency is more, is a racing class of racing cars to use the drift skills in the use of a technique in the corner.

Drifting is a very enjoyable way to drive, and is also a common technique in rally racing.These two-year drifts are very popular both at home and abroad, especially for many young drivers.

Recently, customers at home and abroad have purchased a lot of anti-skid nails for racing cars in our company, among which JX6*6-H27-T10 racing car special exposed 4mm drift race all-steel tire nails are the most popular, and the re-purchase rate is gradually increasing.We are very happy to be able to provide our characteristic products for the World Drift competitions, and we hope to get more recognition.Therefore, the company not only to the bicycle non-slip nails, car tire non-slip nails and other large vehicles to pay attention to the design and research of racing snow tire non-slip nails is extremely important.And some customers will also find us according to their own needs, communicate with our engineers, design suitable for their own special anti-skid nails.




In view of this special way of driving market demand, Zhuzhou Jinxin Non-skid Nail Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of cemented carbide non-skid nails, launched a number of special racing non-skid nails.Its skid - proof and wear - resistant coefficient can reach the approval of drift competitors.