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Application of tungsten carbide roll ring material


Application of tungsten carbide roll ring material

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Tungsten carbide roll ring is subjected to high temperature, rolling stress, hot corrosion and impact load during hot rolling. Compared with WC roller ring produced abroad, the purity, processing technology and roll ring performance of raw materials for roller rings manufactured in China There are still some gaps in the indicators, etc. The wear resistance of the tungsten carbide rolls during use is poor and the tungsten carbide rolls are fragile. Based on the ordinary tungsten carbide roll material, the gradient material LGM roll ring was developed by Lubrication Gradient Material (LGM).

The technology adds sulfur and oxygen to a common tungsten carbide roll ring to form a stable gradient metal oxide and metal sulfide (Co3O4 and CoS, respectively) on the surface of the metal substrate. Co3O4 and CoS have good lubrication and wear resistance. The industrial tests of the LGM roll ring show that the sulfides and oxides in the gradient material can reduce the friction coefficient during rolling, significantly improve the lubrication performance of the roll ring under high temperature and large rolling force, and reduce the transverse crack. The production life of the roller ring is 1.5 times that of the ordinary tungsten carbide roller ring, and the grinding amount and the number of roll changing times can be reduced, which has significant economic benefits.

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