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Nanoscale tungsten carbide powders prepared by nanotechnology


Nanoscale tungsten carbide powders prepared by nanotechnology

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Nanoscale tungsten carbide powders prepared by nanotechnology have very high surface activity, which can significantly reduce sintering temperature, obtain uniform fine crystal structure, and improve the properties of the alloys. Therefore, it has become a research hotspot at home and abroad. The methods of ultrafine/nanometer tungsten-based alloy powder preparation are: high-energy ball grinding, gas evaporation, sol-gel method, freeze-drying method, self-spreading high-temperature reduction method, spray drying - heat reduction method, closed shrinkage epoxidation method, etc.One should be most widely used for spray drying - thermal reduction and high - energy ball milling.China's research in this area has achieved fruitful results.

Our company produces any standard sizes and other styles available on customer’s requests with higher quality guaranteed.
Application: it is fitting for serving as drill heads of heavy rock-digging machines, plumbum heads are used in deep hole drilling terrace vehicles. We can provide all kinds of button tips according to the drawings and samples including non-standard styles.
shape:ovoid, conical, parabolic, chisel, wing tip, scoop
We can provide carbide mining button, coal-cutting bit, button bit, tunnel boring machine tool, and drilling for mining and geological exploration use.

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