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High specific gravity tungsten alloys are used in civil applications


High specific gravity tungsten alloys are used in civil applications

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High specific gravity tungsten carbide are used in civil applications

Tungsten carbide due to the high temperature strength and high hardness, therefore in the heating process for anvil block material is the best choice. For example, in the car with the valve in the electric upsetting, people began to use heat resistant steel anvil block material, do after upsetting 200 ~ 300 products, on the anvil block can form a deep concave hole, after processing is needed to continue to use, after using W80 - Cu alloy, service life can be increased to 300 ~ 500 times, but if the W - Ni - Fe - do Mo alloy anvil block material can be increased to 6 ~ 7 500 700 times, it can not only improve the production efficiency,And it can save the consumption of materials, which has very important social and economic benefits.

W-base high proportion alloy due to the density of up to more than 16.5 g/cm3, therefore can do ballast in the navigation model, the navigation model has high stability, and can reduce the volume of ballast, so as to reduce resistance, to improve its performance. In the ocean winds swingboat resistance to choose the high proportion alloy weighing more than 10 t do ship ballast, each weighing more than 1, 000 kg, due to its high proportion, so much smaller relatively, therefore has the very good use effect.

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