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Pressing of tungsten carbide button


Pressing of tungsten carbide button

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Tungsten carbide button oil pressure die adopts unidirectional pressing, so the density of the ball head end is low and the material performance is poor, which cannot fully meet the customer's requirements for material performance. In addition, the tolerance of the outer diameter of the ball teeth is generally required to be O. Within 05 mill, it is pressed by hydraulic mold. Due to the large difference in density between the upper and lower ends, the size is generally different. Around 2 mIrl, the outer diameter must be ground. The self-compression mold is used to suppress the density of the upper and lower ends, and the middle density is slightly worse. The difference between the outer diameter of the middle and the ends is less than 0.05 millimeter, which can directly meet the size requirements, eliminating one process and reducing the amount of metal. The loss of cost has reduced the cost, and the economic benefit is remarkable.

tungsten carbide button

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