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Tungsten carbide seal ring


Tungsten carbide seal ring

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1) Through the grinding test of tungsten carbide samples, the experimental data is analyzed to obtain the removal rate and surface of workpiece materials with different grinding process parameters.
The impact of quality: the greater the normal pressure, the higher the material removal rate, and the lower the surface roughness; the larger the abrasive grain size, the greater the material removal rate, the table
The greater the surface roughness; as the rotation speed of the grinding disc increases, the material removal rate gradually increases, and the surface roughness decreases first and then increases.
2) Through the eccentric grinding experiment, it is proved that the change of the position of the center of gravity can indeed affect the change of the material removal rate at each point on the seal ring, but the material
The change of the removal rate does not strictly follow the linear relationship, and the specific change law needs further research and proof.
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