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Tungsten carbide button Improvement of alloy materials


Tungsten carbide button Improvement of alloy materials

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Tungsten carbide button improvement of alloy materials
Ultrafine crystallization and nanocrystallization
Tungsten carbide button The performance requirements of rock drilling tools are getting higher and higher. Especially the Tungsten carbide button used in high air pressure drilling tools need extremely high hardness to improve wear resistance, and also need good toughness to prevent brittle fracture. The ultra-fine grain structure can significantly improve the performance of the alloy. Studies have shown that . When the content of cemented carbide binder phase is constant, when the WC grain size is less than 1m, the hardness and strength of the alloy can be effectively improved, and the alloy properties are improved with the further reduction of WC grain size. The magnitude is even more pronounced.
tungsten carbide button


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