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Tungsten carbide button application


Tungsten carbide button application

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Tungsten carbide button are widely used in oil field drilling and snow removal, snow plow machines or other equipment for their unique properties.
According to different oilfield drilling machinery, such as roller bit, DTH drill bit, geological drilling tool, carbide ball are divided into different standard styles: P-type flat top position, Z-type coin ball position, X-shaped wedge position.
Stabilization and high technology guarantee the high quality of our products. Carbide ball teeth are often used as shearer drilling tools, mining machinery tools and road maintenance tools for snow removal and road cleaning.
Tungsten carbide mining button are also widely used as excavation tools in quarrying, mining, and tunnel excavation in civil buildings. In addition, it is also used as a bit fitting for heavy duty rock drills or deep hole drill tool accessories.
tungsten carbide button



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