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Customized YG8 carbide spool valve plate



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Customized YG8 carbide spool valve plate

Product Description

[Cemented carbide valve core valve seat pulverized coal regulating valve tungsten steel gray water regulating valve valve core wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant]

Carbide valve parts are valve parts used for fluid control, specifically divided into: tungsten steel

Throttle valve seat, valve core, needle valve seat, valve core, ball valve seat, valve core, nozzle, etc.

【Application range of tungsten carbide valve seat】

Used for mining and processing of oil and gas system pumps, ores, minerals, agriculture, construction, and surface mining tools, drilling for oil and gas or horizontal directional drilling, excavation and circulation processes.

【Product Features of Carbide Spool Valve Seat】

1. The production can be organized according to the user's drawings.

2. The product has small deformation and high precision.

Customized various non-standard and special-shaped products according to customer requirements! We are happy to meet your needs!

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