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High Quality Polished TC Rolls

Product Description

Product Description:

Tungsten Carbide Roll have the characters of high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and good compressive properties.It's widely used in steel mill industries.
1.Professional manufacturer fortungsten carbide items with more than 10 years experience
2.High hardness and strength
3.High modulus of elasticity
4.Stable chemical property
5.Low impact toughness and thermal expansion coefficient 
6.ISO 9001-2008 Quality Control System
7.OEM, ODM project accepted
8.All payment terms supported
Cemented carbide roll rings (also called tungsten carbide roll rings) are the main steel rolling spare parts of domestic and foreign steel mills. The tungsten steel rolls produced by Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. have superior performance, stable quality and high product processing accuracy. Good wear resistance and high impact resistance. The new generation of high-speed wire rolls developed by Jinxin has raised a new level from raw materials, pressing, and sintering processes. Compared with traditional high-speed wire rods, it has higher impact resistance, thermal fatigue toughness, and high wear resistance. It is suitable for high-speed wire rolling at speeds of more than 100m / s. The main performance indicators have reached international levels. , And better than similar domestic products. Welcome to inquire about the purchase of hard alloy roller ring!
Rolling volume:
Taking 10 finishing mills as an example, the rolling volume of each stand is:
1, 2 1800 ~ 2500 tons
3. Four 1800 ~ 2500 tons
5, 6 1500 ~ 2000 tons
7, 8 1500 ~ 2000 tons
9, 10 600 ~ 1500 tons
New generation rolling volume:
Taking 10 finishing mills as an example, the rolling volume of each stand is:
1, 2 1800 ~ 3000 tons
3. 4 1800 ~ 3000 tons
5, 6 1500 ~ 2500 tons
7, 8 1500 ~ 2500 tons
9, 10 600 ~ 1700 tons


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tungsten carbide rolltungsten carbide roll


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