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Cemented Steel Cutting Tools GlassCutter



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Cemented Steel Cutting Tools GlassCutter

Product Description


1.material:tungsten carbide
3.cutting glass, tile, etc

Our carbide glass cutter is fabricated with premium tungsten carbide material, and high quality scribing wheel holder.

Our new high penetration carbide glass cutter is used on glass with different thickness, such as common glass, constructional engineering glass, glass doors and windows, auto glass and mirrors, especially for the thickness below 6mm.

By our high state-of-art technology on carbide scribing wheel for the micro-teeth, our carbide glass cutter can cut the thick glass with little chippings smoothly, and highly improved products pass rate, so as to control production costs and production efficiency.




Company Information:

Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, specializes in manufacturing a series of Tungsten Carbide products.such as: Carbide roller /Carbide Saw Tips /Carbide Buttons for Rock Bits /Carbide Inserts for Road Milling /Plaing Bits /Carbide Inserts for Coal Cutter Picks /Carbide Inserts for Snopw Plow Blades /Carbide Inserts for Mining Tools /Carbide Round Rods (dia from 1.0 to 25.4 mm) /Carbide Tubes /Carbide tips for Debarking Bits /Carbide Brazed Inserts or Tips /Carbide pins /Tire studs /Carbide Blanks /Carbide Wear-Parts, etc.
All of our tungsten Carbide Products are made from the high-purity Original/Virgin Raw Materials and HIP/Sintered, with very high quality and excellent performances. Also the price is very competitive.

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Ms Yuyu

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Mob./WhatsApp: 86-13397339096

Skype: jinxin029

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