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manufacturing tungsten carbide buttons for oil-field drill bits



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manufacturing tungsten carbide buttons for oil-field drill bits

Product Description


Carbide mining button are used in the coal cutter drilling tools, mine machinery tools and road maintenance tools for snow clearing and road cleaning. Carbide mining button are widely applied for rock tools, mining tools for use in quarrying, mining, tunnelling, and civil constructions.
Our company produces any standard sizes and other styles available on customer’s requests with higher quality guaranteed.
Application: it is fitting for serving as drill heads of heavy rock-digging machines, plumbum heads are used in deep hole drilling terrace vehicles. We can provide all kinds of button tips according to the drawings and samples including non-standard styles.
shape:ovoid, conical, parabolic, chisel, wing tip, scoop
We can provide carbide mining button, coal-cutting bit, button bit, tunnel boring machine tool, and drilling for mining and geological exploration use.
We can provide all kinds of button tips according to the drawings and samples including non-standard styles.
Our advantage of  carbide mining button:

1. efficient processing, good high-temperature stability.
2. easy to weld, no crack or chipping.
3. smooth surface of stone after processing.
4. exactly suggestion for the button used for soft, medium hard, hard and very hard rock.
5. durable performance, wear resistant and with enough impacting force agaist.
6. very good prices according to market situation.
7. very fast delivery time.


1,Sintered in HIP Furnace
2,ISO9001:2008 Certificate
3,Material in Fine Grain Size
4,Direct sale from our own factory

Cemented carbide.
And your drawings are pretty welcomed.

Wooden box. The package of tungsten carbide tooth are available based on customers' requirements.
Grades following :
YG6,YG6X,YG8,YG8.2,YG8L,YG15,YG20,YG20C,YG20D etc are the traditional material,suitable for the normal cemented carbide teeth


tungsten carbide button


Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd, specializes in manufacturing a series of Tungsten Carbide products.such as: Carbide roller /Carbide Saw Tips /Carbide Buttons for Rock Bits /Carbide Inserts for Road Milling /Plaing Bits /Carbide Inserts for Coal Cutter Picks /Carbide Inserts for Snopw Plow Blades /Carbide Inserts for Mining Tools /Carbide Round Rods (dia from 1.0 to 25.4 mm) /Carbide Tubes /Carbide tips for Debarking Bits /Carbide Brazed Inserts or Tips /Carbide pins /Tire studs /Carbide Blanks /Carbide Wear-Parts, etc.

All of our tungsten Carbide Products are made from the high-purity Original/Virgin Raw Materials and HIP/Sintered, with very high quality and excellent performances. Also the price is very competitive.


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Fax: 0086-0731-22332243
Mob: +8613607335766
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