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Solid Tungsten Carbide Strips Manufacturer



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Solid Tungsten Carbide Strips Manufacturer

Product Description
                        Solid Tungsten Carbide Strips Manufacturer
1. Solid tungsten carbide strips is widely known as one kind of carbide cuttting tools, for
    example wood cutting tools, rubber cutting tools, plastic cutting tools etc.
2. Solid tungsten carbide strips is available for different grinding geometric parameters and
    suitable for both cutting materials and normetal materials, also it can be applied to
    conventional, carbide inserts, semi-automatic lathe, automatic lathe and planning machine
    to work grooves and operate cutting etc.
 3. Main advantages of solid tungsten carbide strips:
     High hardness after quenching and tempering
     Excellent wear resistance
     Excellent hot-work performance
Special Note: Receiving non-standard customized special customized
We have many years' experience to supply our clients the mentioned high-quality products
with most competitive prices. there are many different choices in diameters, lengths and
chemical compositions, which could all be manufactured according to clients' special
requirements. If you are interested in solid tungsten carbide strips or have any questions,
please contact us directly as following,

                                              Ms Canny Tang

                                                        Tel: 0731-28821498

                                                        Fax: 0731-22332243

                                                      Mob: 86-18907331470

                                                                   Skype: chinacarbidelili

                                                   Whatsapp: 86-18907331470


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