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High Density Tungsten Fishing Sinker


High Density Tungsten Fishing Sinker

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High Density Tungsten Fishing Sinker


The fishing sinker is used to increase the diving power, anchoring power, and throwing speed of the bait.The fishing sinker can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water.

And even smaller for flying fish.Or up to ten ounces for deep sea fishing.They can come in a variety of shapes, and environmental concerns are a major concern when choosing fishing sinker materials.


A fishing sinker is usually made of lead with a hook and is usually covered with a soft material to attract fish. In recent years, however, tungsten alloys have become increasingly used as fishing sinkers.


The high specific gravity tungsten alloy with clean metal as raw material has heavy ratio (>18g/cc), small volume, strong wind resistance, light water entry and fast sinking, so it is a good substitute product for lead sinker.


Our company provides fishing sinkers, tungsten ball, tungsten weight, various shapes such as: drop shape, bullet shape, fish mouth shape, ball shape, etc. Tungsten alloy is also used in other products for fishing, such as carbide cutters for cutting high power fishing lines.


Characteristics for tungsten alloy fishing sinker of our company:

* Tungsten content: ≥95%

* Small size, high density

* Strong wind resistance

* Inner hole grinding processing, comprehensive polishing

* Chamfering processing

* Electrostatic spraying


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