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Fabrication die for cemented carbide ball teeth


Fabrication die for cemented carbide ball teeth

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The manufacturing process of the tungsten carbide button is due to the high pressure and repeated friction of the female die during the pressing process, which requires high hardness and good wear resistance. Therefore, YG8 tungsten carbide is used to grind the inner hole of the steel sleeve, and then The steel sleeve is placed in a furnace and heated to an appropriate temperature, and then taken out and quickly embedded in the alloy mold body. 4. Finely grind the outer circle and plane of the steel sleeve to the design size of the female mold, and remove the mandrel. 5. Finely grind the negative model cavity to the designed size. During the pressing process, the upper and lower die punches have good impact resistance and a certain degree of wear resistance. Due to the large elastic modulus of steel and easy sticky materials, the YG20 alloy with high degree of selection is used. The upper and lower die punching process is as follows: 1, l8 is made separately.


tungsten carbide button


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