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tungsten carbide Synthesis

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Tungsten carbide can be prepared by reaction of tungsten metal and carbon at 1400–2000 °C.[10] Other methods include a patented lower temperature fluid bed process that reacts either tungsten metal or blue WO3 with CO/CO2 mixture and H2 between 900 and 1200 °C. 

WC can also be produced by heating WO3 with graphite: directly at 900 °C or in hydrogen at 670 °C following by carburization in Ar at 1000 °C. Chemical vapor deposition methods that have been investigated include: 

    * reacting tungsten hexachloride with hydrogen (as a reducing agent) and methane (as the source of carbon) at 670 °C (1,238 °F)

WCl6 + H2 + CH4 → WC + 6 HCl
* reacting tungsten hexafluoride with hydrogen (as reducing agent) and methanol (as source of carbon) at 350 °C (662 °F)
WF6 + 2 H2 + CH3OH → WC + 6 HF + H2O
tungsten carbide powdertungsten carbide powder
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