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Situation of tungsten carbide roll


Situation of tungsten carbide roll

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In recent years, tungsten carbide rolls have gained wider and wider applications in steel production due to their excellent properties. However, in the production and use of cemented carbide rolls, the following problems still exist:

(1) Tungsten carbide rolls developed a new type of cemented carbide composite roll shaft material. As the rolling mill industry continues to demand new and higher requirements for rolls, conventional ductile iron roll materials will be difficult to withstand greater rolling forces and transmit more torque.

(2) Tungsten carbide rolls In the manufacturing process of the composite roll, it is necessary to minimize or eliminate the residual thermal stress caused by the thermal expansion mismatch between the inner layer metal and the outer layer cemented carbide.

(3) Tungsten carbide rolls since the rolling force, rolling torque and heat transfer performance are different on different frames, different grades of carbide rolls should be used for different frames. In the design process of cemented carbide roll material, it is necessary to ensure the reasonable matching of the strength, hardness and impact toughness of the roll.

(4) Tungsten carbide rolls due to the influence of external conditions such as temperature, rolling pressure and thermal shock load during the rolling process.

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