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High quality customized tungsten carbide mirror plate/sheet



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High quality customized tungsten carbide mirror plate/sheet

Product Description

High quality customized tungsten carbide mirror plate/sheet

【Recommended use】

1. It is suitable for making cast iron rolls and high nickel-chromium roll dressing and forming knives.

2. It is suitable for making strippers, stamping dies, punches, electronic progressive dies and other stamping dies.

3. Processing all kinds of wear-resistant tools.


【Process introduction】

1. Cemented carbide sheet Alloy sheet material has high purity, less impurity content, and more stable physical properties of the sheet.

2. Cemented carbide plate The alloy plate adopts spray drying technology, and the material is protected by high-purity nitrogen under fully sealed conditions, which effectively reduces the possibility of oxygen increase in the preparation process of the mixture, the purity is better, and the material is not easy to be dirty.

3. Uniform density of cemented carbide sheet: The alloy sheet is pressed by a 300Mpa isostatic press, which effectively avoids the occurrence of pressing defects, and the density of the sheet blank is more uniform.

4. Cemented Carbide Plate The alloy plate has excellent compactness and good strength and hardness indicators: the use of low-pressure sintering technology of ship can effectively reduce the pores inside the plate, and the quality is stable.

5. Cemented carbide plate The alloy plate adopts cryogenic treatment technology, which improves the internal metallographic structure of the plate, and the internal stress can also be greatly reduced, avoiding the occurrence of cracks in the cutting and forming process of the plate.

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