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Manufacture YG6 YG8 tungsten carbide hole discs



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Manufacture YG6 YG8 tungsten carbide hole discs

Product Description

【Product Introduction of Carbide Disc and Tungsten Steel Alloy Disc】

Carbide wear-resistant small discs are required to have good impact toughness, fracture toughness, fatigue strength, flexural strength and good wear resistance under the wear-resistant working conditions of impact or strong impact.

【Cemented carbide disc grade selection】

1. Usually choose high hardness, wear-resistant, impact-resistant JIN grades, such as YG8, YG11, etc.

2. When selecting alloy grades, it is necessary to meet specific use requirements according to the processing object and processing working conditions.

3. If the selected grade is prone to early cracking and damage during use, the grade with higher toughness should be selected;

4. If the selected brand is prone to early wear and damage during use, it is better to choose a brand with higher hardness and better wear resistance.

Product Name: Tungsten Steel Round Gasket Carbide Disc Carbide Disc

1. Hardness: HRC≧73


3. Particle size: WC particle 3~6μm

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