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High Performance Tungsten Carbide Roll for Steel Rolling Machine



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High Performance Tungsten Carbide Roll for Steel Rolling Machine

Product Description

Product Information:

Cemented carbide roll ring, also known as Tungsten carbide roll ring, possesses very good thermal conductivity property. Under the condition of high temperature, compared to other materials, the hardness keeps stable and it provides much better heat resistance, wear resistance and strength. The cemented carbide roll ring has been invented with the appearance of high speed wire rod mill, it is now widely applied in the production of high speed wire, bar and thread rod steel.


Tungsten carbide roll ring is an important part of the steel bar with a mass diameter ≤480mm and thickness ≤130mm. It is primarily applied in high-speed wire production lines, seamless pipe stretch reducing mill, three-dimensional rolls for cold-rolled ribbed steel bar, and composite roll for hot-rolled bar screw thread steel, etc. Carbide rings are made of the hardest metal on earth, they are harder than titanium rings and longer than gold rings.


Grade Recommodation:


Installation and applications of cemented carbide rolling rings for rolling steel tubes.

1. A small clearance fit or transition fit is recommended for roll rings and roll shafts to avoid slipping between roll rings and roll shafts.

2. During assembling the preheating temperature for roll rings shall not exceed 300℃ since othervise it will be reducing the performances of roll rings.

3. Water nozzles shall be installed in a proper position and runing unobstructed.

4. As the operating lifetime of roll rings is very long, on-time inspection of the stands should be done and lubricant oil should be replenished after each rolling operation.

5. A correct cooling can reduce the wear of roll rings and increase thelife time of roll rings, cutting down the times of roll changes keeping the surface quality of rolled materials in a good state as well. The water pressure required is 0.2-0.4Mpa and the water flow required is 20-40m³/h。



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