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Polysilic roller crusher



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Polysilic roller crusher

Product Description

Name: Polycrystalline silicon jaw crusher

Brand:  JINXIN

Application: crush polycrystalline silicon, rock mine, coal mine, concrete batching plant, dry-mixed mortar, power plant desulfurization, silica sand, etc.

Feature: Stable, easy, safe, efficient. 


Polysilicon double roll crusher features:

1.       ultra high purity, unique formula, independent research and development

2.       Extremely high hardness, superior wear resistance, meeting high-purity polysilicon production requirements

3.       Superior corrosion resistance

4.       After HIP treatment, the interior of the tungsten carbide alloy is removed to improve the structural compactness.

5.       It can increase and improve the mechanical properties such as flexural strength and compressive strength of tungsten carbide alloy, and fully guarantee the quality.


6.       The surface is specially chemically treated to greatly increase the hardness and strength of the material.

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silicon crushersilicon crusher

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