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To buy cemented carbide plates, choose Zhuzhou Jinxin


To buy cemented carbide plates, choose Zhuzhou Jinxin

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Cemented carbide plates are generally divided into cemented carbide strips and cemented carbide plates. We can supply standard and customized, polished and blank flat,Tungsten blank flat.

Advantages of tungsten carbide plates
◆High density
◆Good machinability 
◆High modulus of elasticity 
◆Strong corrosion resistance
◆Non-poisonous ,no pollution
◆Good mechanical properties
◆Harmless to the health and environments
◆It can effectively absorb X rays and gamma rays (the absorption of X rays and Y rays is higher than lead 30~40%)


Tungsten blank flat Application:
The tungsten carbide sheet had widely application ranges and well effect. For example: Various manufacture industry, various material industry, electric light source parts and so on.Especially, the tungsten carbide sheet is really good at machinery industry, metallurgy industry, aerospace development. 

Characteristics of tungsten carbide blank drawing plate for cutting tool:

1:suitable for making cast iron rolls and high nickel chrome roll dressing knives.

2:suitable for the production of discharge plates stamping dies,punches electronic,progressive dies and other,stamping dies etc.


Usually we only need to know the length, width, height and grades when buying plates.

Below is the recommend grade

YG6AFine grade alloy, with good wear resistance, used for processing blades, wear resistance parts etc.

YG8: High bending strength, wear resistance lower than YG6A, used for processing blades, wear resistance parts etc.

YG15: Used for punch dies, stamping dies and wear resistance parts.

YG20: High bending strength, used for step dies and other stamping dies.

YS2T: Fine carbide, high wear resistance, high resistance to bonding,high thermal strength. Machining of refractory alloys, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc.

To buy cemented carbide plates, choose Zhuzhou Jinxin.



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